Why Is A Visa Required To Travel?

Travel visa
Travel visa

There are different kinds of visa, and the most popular one is the tourist visa followed by the business visa and the work visa. Needless to say there are many more, as people who want to study abroad also need a visa. A student visa is a basic kind of non immigrant visa to be particular. It permits the bearer to get himself or herself admitted at any post secondary educational concern.

To get into a foreign country and enroll themselves in a foreign school, the pupils must first get themselves a visa to temporarily reside in the host country.There is also one type called the refugee or the asylum visa which allows persons who are basically fleeing from war, persecution, natural disasters and other such high risk, life threatening situations.Also spousal visitor visa Canada, allows the spouses of the partners of individuals to see each other. This is particularly in the case when the couples do not come from the same country.

Transit Visa are particularly essential when in case you need to stay in a country for more than a couple of hours. Immigration Canada visitor visa allows the person to stay in the country permanently. Traditional visas are usually affixed or pastedon the passport. If in case it is stuck with glue, it is generally small document containing the essentials like the name of the bearer, place and date of birth, passport number, need for travel, expiration date of the visa etc. It also contains written account of where and when the visa was issued and until when it is valid. All these are stated in official instructions pointing the duration of the stay.

An electronic visa also known as an eVisa, is actually a digital visa. Needless to say it does not require to be pasted or stamped on to the passport of the bearer. The digital visa can safely be stored as a database, and it is obviously linked to the traveler’s passport number. eVisa applications are generally received over the internet. The individual just needs to show a hardcopyof the informative documents already held in the computer records, while travelling. After the confirmation of the sanction of the visa, the hard copy is sent to the individual.

You need a visa when you are travelling to a country which doesn’t have any visa policy with your home land. There are a few countries whose citizens can freely move across each other without stumbling upon the need to get a visa. The country which does not have their own visa policies and agreements with other countries, cannot allow their citizens a free allowance to travel to other countries. This is particularly in the case when a person from India wants to go to America or Canada. However a citizen from America or Canada does not ever need a visa to get into each others lands. Although they need to show a proper travel document, but they do not require a special permission or a visa.


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