Top 6 Best Scuba Diving Places You Probably Haven’t Visited Yet

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the perfect activity for recreational water sports in the world as manifested in the expanding numbers of enthusiasts, scuba diving sites, and companies who market scuba diving equipment. Learning to dive is an ideal pursuit for romantic getaways, fearless backpacking trips, family holidays, and the like. It’s the activity where you get to enter the puzzling depths of the sea where you can find coral reefs swarming with life, extraordinary fishes and plant life, stunning wrecks, and a great sense of appreciation for the exquisiteness of our oceans.

Maybe wanting to know how to dive was something you’ve always wanted to try or you’re a veteran already who’s hunting for new places to target, this list will help you decide what your next destination you may want to consider to go diving.

The Great Barrier Reef

If you’ve never been to this wonderful place in Australia, you better start putting this on your bucket list. There is no needed introduction to one of the original seven wonders of the natural world. It’s the world’s longest reef and has the entire tropical sea life and coral you could ever think of. The reef itself encompasses 350,000 square kilometers which can be visible from space. Every year, over 2 million people visit the reef, however, climate change is having a tragic effect on the reef, so hurry up and don’t miss the opportunity to see the reef while it’s still there!


Hawaii is usually an underrated choice by most people but not many know that this place has some remarkable scuba diving spots. The islands in Hawaii are surrounded by reefs and wildlife, so it’s irresistible to come to Hawaii and not dive. Plus, it’s one of the world’s most remote archipelagos so you can expect that there’s just so much going on under the water. Although turtles, mantas, and seals are common to see, there is always a high possibility to see humpbacks or whale sharks if you pay to visit from December to May.

Don’t pass Hawaii up! The area north of the islands has been made into the massive marine in the United States, securing great diving for future generations to come.


Located in the Western Pacific Ocean, Micronesia as beautiful as most tropical islands have one thing in common, they are ringed by colorful coral reefs. You may consider Blue Wall as your dive site since this place makes Micronesia one of the top destinations in the South Pacific. If you are into the history stuff, you will enjoy seeing WWII wrecks that you can explore. This is the perfect place if you like to avoid a crowd, it’s inexpensive and flawless heaven! No need to search further.


One of the Philippines tropical paradises, Boracay is a great diving place. Especially today that Boracay is halfway through its rehab! You can find usual marine creatures here such as eels, clownfish, and also a plentiful of reef systems. Most Filipinos would consider Boracay as the most popular place to dive in the Philippines. And if you do get tired of swimming below the sea, you can unwind and calmly relax on the pleasing attractive beaches!

Fernando de Noronha

A lot of travelers are not yet familiar with this place but it is actually one of the world’s famous dive destinations and the most known diving site in Brazil. Recently, Fernando de Noronha has been growing its popularity and attention that it truly deserves. They have dolphins, turtles, and plenty of other life among the blue waters that surround these islands. This might be one of your favorites since you won’t get to share them with other divers and tourists.

The Egyptian Red Sea

And of course, the Red Sea won’t miss out our list. This diving paradise is truly captivating with its wonderful clear turquoise waters. The reefs are filled with vibrant and life that will surely leave you breathless. Plus, it’s also the perfect destination since it has consistent water temperatures year round. You can explore and make your stay truly worth it with its excellent diving areas from Sharm El Sheikh to the wrecks at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas to the Thistlegorm and Ras Mohammed.

The list of diving sites mentioned above doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, they all offer the same most astonishing sights and experiences in the world. These unforgettable diving destinations with their expansive reefs and glorious wrecks will have you remember why you started diving in the first place.

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