Which Operating System Is Better By Performance?

Windows 10 Operating System

Operating systems are the best and the brains of any computer system. Without operating system within the computers or even the smartphones, no one can be able to work out the computer or the Android devices. As said, operating systems are the main and the required aspect of any device or the gadget that we actually operate in our daily routine.

One of the most talked and the preferred operating system is nothing but the Windows, Mac or the Apple operating system, or sometimes the Linux or Ubuntu. These operating systems are generally used and are widely preferred when it comes to operating it. Also, these operating systems have some minor errors such as Windows 10 no sound and many others. People use these operating systems as per their own requirement and convenience.

Like, Windows is that operating system that is used by almost everyone may it be for their official work or for their personal or even for their business work. Yes, but Windows 10 also has some issue when it comes to using audio features such as No Sound Windows 10. Some gamers prefer windows, Mac or Ubuntu in order to get the best gaming performance and the better gaming experience when they are actually playing. Some parents prefer installing a Linux operating system on their kid’s computer as there are many parental controls and the features within the Linux operating system.

However, there is some best operating system which is actually better by performance.

Which operating system is better by performance?

There are many operating systems all across the internet that you might have come across. But there are few operating systems that are actually better by performance even after the heavy usage including the games and the gaming usage.

  1. Linux Lite

Linux Lite is one of the popular operating systems all across the internet. The name itself implies how would the operating system function or even work.If you are looking for lightweight and also a heavy performing or the best performing operating system then you should just switch to Linux Lite. Downloading the operating system is also very simple. You can just go through their website and just start with the download process.

  1. Xubuntu

Xubuntu is another such lightweight and a heavily preferred and used the operating system all across the world. Yes, Xubuntu can run or function quite easily and smoothly on the device or the gadget that you have. It actually performs with the minimum resource that you would get the best experience when you are actually working on the operating system.

  1. Debian

Debian can be known as another widely used operating system in the world. Debian is actually another lightweight or the minimum resource preferred operating system. It has many features such as it is modern, has an easy user interface, programming tools, and also has software or productivity as well. It also supports various plugins that you can simply use it for your browsers.

  1. Fedora

Fedora can be known as popular and a widely used operating system apart from the above mentioned operating systems. Once you have installed it, you will see that there are many features that are actually supporting the high performance of the operating system. Fedora also works on the basis of providing the highest of the performance to the user and your tasks.

  1. Windows

Windows should be at the number one in the list, but yet it consumes a lot of space and other resources when it comes to updating and downloading of the operating system. It is very easy to download and install the operating system. But it has some issues when it comes to using the audio feature and the devices. It is none other than the Windows 10 no sound. Rest, you already know everything about the Windows operating system.

  1. MacOS

Another popularly used operating system. It is created by the apple company itself. Hence, it has various features that can be counted and used ultimately to the core. Mac is just like Windows, but some of its features have been named differently from the Windows.


Though the Windows 10 no sound is an error in the Windows operating system, it is the best operating system without any major issues. If not, you can also try the other above mentioned operating system for your PC or laptop.

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