Tubemate: Now Download From YouTube


What is tubemate?

The lakhs and millions of the people in the world as we know use YouTube. In fact, there is hardly anyone who does not use it. Users can watch movies, songs, dramas, news, etc. However, one of the major drawbacks of YouTube is that we cannot download these videos. So, the question arises how do we solve this problem? How can we download videos from sites like YouTube and Facebook? The answer is through tubemate. Tubemate is an application that helps the users to download videos from any site. Tubemate is widely used in the world. This is because we come across a lot of videos on our smartphones which we would like to download and save to watch in future. But we cannot do it because the sites do not give us a download option. Tubemate here proves really beneficial.

How to download the tubemate app?

Since you cannot download the app from google play store so first, you need to change the settings of your android device. In the ‘settings’ go to ‘security’ and then turn the setting on by clicking in front of ‘Unknown Sources’. Once you have changed the settings visit Tubemate YouTube Downloader website and select on the reliable and verified site to download the app. It is possible that you might get a warning message but click on the ‘OK’ button and then proceed to install. Once the app is installed open it and go through the settings in case if you want to change some.

How tubemate works?

Just search for the video in the search bar and then click on the green arrow located at the bottom to download the app. The app gives you the option to give preference for the quality of downloading the video. You can choose a standard or lower quality version if your phone does not support much space. The video will get downloaded in the background so that you can use your phone for other works. The app also facilitates downloading multiple videos one after the other.


There are smartphones that have low phone storage, in that case, this app is useful because it by default saves the downloaded video in the phone’s memory card. Thus, it saves your phone’s internal space. It also supports downloading videos in a number of formats. For example, mp4, avi and 3gp. The app is free of cost thus it saves money. However, one of the problems with tubemate is no Google or YouTube support because they do not approve the usage of this app. Moreover, one cannot use the app for any commercial purpose. The app allows it to be used only for personal use. Since unlike google store the app has to be downloaded from the site. In case if you download from a non-reliable site, it may cause virus and other problems in your phone. Therefore, it is important for users to be very careful while downloading the app. Once you download the tubemate you can enjoy its features.

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