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Tired of facing “No Internet” while attempting to set up your Netgear range extender? Don’t worry you are not alone in this hurdle. We all have faced this, at least once. In this era of digitalization, the internet has become an important part of our daily lives. It has become so integral to our lives that without internet it becomes almost impossible to work and it results in frustration, especially when you face errors while executing the steps for the new extender setup.  And the most common of these errors is the “unable to connect” to the internet.

First of all, give us a chance to clear one doubt of which the vast majority of the clients are mistaken for. WiFi sponsors, repeaters, and extenders are not unique but rather a similar thing – gadgets to enhance Wi-Fi inclusion in your premises. There is certifiably not an obviously characterized distinction between gadgets that makers depict as “repeaters” and gadgets portrayed as “extenders”.

Nonetheless, the principle usage of these gadgets is for broadening the coverage of the network (Wi-Fi) signals sent by the primary router. The extenders are normally utilized in bigger homes or spaces in which there is plenitude of diminished Wi-Fi inclusion regions or the No connectivity dead spots.

Now coming to the “unable to connect” or the “No internet” issue, the prime factors responsible for these errors are the failed or not successful Netgear extender setup, improperly placed extender, bad postures of antennas, and error with Netgear Genie. Let us discuss them in details to make the picture much clearer, and to guide how to emit each of these.

Unsuccessful Extender Setup

If the “No internet” or “unable to connect” error is bothering you then chances are high that your extender is not properly configured or setup.  It is highly recommended to go through the Netgear wifi range extender manual prior to initiating the setup so you may become familiar with all the do’s and don’ts for the setup process. Also, the extender must be compatible with the router settings. To know more about this, you can take reference from “Routerlogin”.

Sometimes, the extender gets successfully set up but the home Wi-Fi device keeps connected with the router’s network in spite of the extender’s network. Due to this, your device shows you “no connection” or unable to connect message. However, the solution is pretty simple – just go to the network settings of your device and pair your device to the new extender’s network after un-pairing it from the router’s network.

Placing the Extender at an inadequate location

The decision to choose a place for your extender must be done wisely. Placing your extender precisely is the key to get the optimum performance of your gadget and better network coverage throughout your premises. The golden rule for choosing the precise location to place your extender says:

At the time of mywifiext.net setup, you should place the extender at a visible distance from your router. Thereafter, you are free to place it in a location which is concentric to the premises and is equally distanced from the router and the device on which you desire to have the wireless network connectivity.

For making it more convenient, Netgear has provided the Link Rate LED. With the help of the color of the light that this LED emits, users can judge the connection type and can make changes accordingly. Green, Amber, and Red color resemble the best, good and poor connections respectively.


 Adjusting the Antennas

The antennas must be adjusted at a good angle and avoiding the obstacles. These are some helpful tips to place the antennas:

  1. Both the antennas should be aligned in such a way that there should be in a line of sight to each other.
  2. Place the antennas high, and clear of certain obstructions.
  3. There should be a distance of at least 2 feet between your router and the metal fixtures like pipes, sprinklers etc.

Tip- Prior to initiating the adjustments ensure that antennas and cables are precisely connected (not loosed). Also, for any other related mywifiext.net login issues, you may get in touch with the Netgear extender support.

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