Can Parents Monitor Their Kids’ Phones Secretly with BlurSPY Software?


If the question is can parents monitor their kids secretly, the answer is yes. BlurSPY is a parental control app that has been designed and developed in a way that it can track any android device secretly. The app has a number of uses for parents, partners as well as employers. But here, we will just talk about how parents can monitor their kids secretly with BlurSPY app.

It should be noted that the use of parental control tools has increased as compared to the past. People in the UK are on top when it comes to using surveillance and tracking apps for their kids, employees, and partners. They are fond of using the latest tools. The purpose is to ensure the safety of the kids in any way possible when parents are not with their children and teens.

Monitoring Kids’ Phones Secretly with BlurSPY

Now coming to the point, BlurSPY allows any user to track any device remotely as well as secretly. That means you can control the target phone remotely and without letting them know about it. BlurSPY offers all the best and latest features that are needed for parental control. Nowadays, effective parental control is a problem for every parent. This app can be really handy in this regard.

Let’s talk about how you can use the app on your kids’ phones. You will have to download and install this app on the target device or phone of your child. For this, physically access the phone once just for a few minutes. You can do this anyway. Now, download the app from the given link and install it. It will take you not more than three minutes to end up installing the app. After installation, you can use all the features remotely. Features of BlurSPY are given below.

Phone Call Tracking

This is one of the most important features for parental control. Many parents are worried about who their kid’s talk so this feature will be helpful for them. With this feature, parents can intercept live calls as well as record them for later use. You can also block any phone numbers.

Tracking Messages

Sexting is a common and growing problem among modern-day teens. This feature of BlurSPY has been designed to deal with sexting in teens. Parents will know all about the text messages and chats of their kids secretly with this feature. They can view messages, text body, phone numbers as well as the time of the conversation.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring has grown over the years. This is really important because kids are a social media addict. They also share too many things there. For this reason, parents should check the social media use of their kids. BlurSPY allows parents to see all social sites as well as the instant messengers. Parents will have access to the chats, messages and friend lists.

GPS Location Tracker

Many parents want just a live GPS location to keep eyes on their kids and know about their whereabouts. BlurSPY does it better than any other tool or location tracker. With this feature, parents can learn about the locations and places their children visit in a day. They can also track them live in case of an emergency. Furthermore, the app records weekly locations in order to let parents know where the children have been going.

Multimedia Management

We talked about sexting. It includes intimate photos, videos, and audio messages. The gallery in the device of a kid is pretty important for parents. It may have something that can worry the parents. So checking multimedia files, voice messages, audio, photos, and videos is possible with Android spy app. Parents will surely feel relaxed and satisfied when they know there is nothing wrong on their kids’ devices.


BlurSPY makes it possible for parents to track their kids’ phones secretly and without them knowing. The app works in the background so can never be detected by the owner of the device. The features of BlurSPY make it a top and the most effective parental control app.

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