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Using videos in apps can increase conversions by a considerable amount. Because it is a passively engaged media, it is easy to get visitors to consume your message without too much effort. But it’s important to know how to embed the video on your page strategically. The biggest companies invest in techniques like button to play and short videos. Taking care of this is essential because videos increase the amount of time people spend on your page, giving more relevance to it, and shorten the path that your product takes to the consumer. Here are some reasons to integrate videos in your apps.

1. Resume control over the experience of your visitors’ use

Apps full of text usually all suffer from the same problem, fragmented consumption. Video (when done right) puts the control back in your hands. It has a linear format, which means that the people who watch it will consume the message exactly in the sequence that you decide. This can be dangerous, if your video does not engage them, a click and it was already. But this can be solved through well written script and good video development work, ensuring that your audience will remain involved throughout the video, whatever the message you want to pass.

2. Much more attention from your visitors

Reading is an activity that requires effort. Lines and lines of text that your brain needs to process and make sense. Just switching to audio already changes the game completely, listening to the human voice is much easier than reading. Add video, animations and graphics that support your idea and your message will have reached a new dimension, people who watch will listen to your voice while absorbing information from the visuals that support it. A common mistake is to think that the human being cannot absorb information more quickly through video. It does, which means your message will be communicated much more quickly. All of this means your audience is paying attention, and the more attention you get, the more space you’ll have in that person’s mind, increasing your chance to win a fan, a subscriber, a contact, or a customer.

3. Much greater engagement of your audience

A paying audience is an engaging-engaged audience simply means that they are more likely to interact with your app-leaving comments, performing actions, sharing content, etc. The most traditional way to measure engagement is through ‘time on your app.’ A measure you can see in your app monitoring tool.

4. Quickly establish trust and authority

Trust and authority take a long time to establish in any area, but videos go beyond your app and help visitors get to know your proposal very quickly, you may know the phrase ‘people buy ideas first, products later,’ allows people to listen to you and see your ideas visualized through graphics and animations allows them to decide much faster that you are someone they can trust, and the mere fact that your company uses quality video communicates a greater value by showing that your proposal is really serious.

5. Get the best search engine placements

Visitors exploring and engaging with your app has a side effect, this behavior signals to the search engines that your app is the destination that they should be sending people to. Google is not dumb, and more importantly, it does not want to look dumb. It does not want to present people with results that they are not interested in. Google is always measuring how long visitors stay on your app and it uses that as a factor in determining the relevance of a app to a particular keyword that was typed in the search. What’s more, video is still not as exploitative a media as just simple apps and yet are very dense in amount of information, so the chance you get a place well placed on Google with a video is dozens of times larger than with just one app.

6. Video is a great channel for engaging content

The combination of sonorities and moving images continues to be one of the most appropriate vehicles to craft and deliver attractive content marketing to people. But you have to keep in mind that creating inbound marketing videos does not mean putting 30-second ads for your products. This material should be much more elaborate: the videos need to provide special guidance or instructions on the subjects that are linked to the activities in which your company operates, in order to arouse the customers’ appetite for knowing more and returning other times to your app, search for new insights.

7. Make emotional connections with viewers and create authority

In videos, you can easily create an emotional connection with the viewer, so you can get closer to your potential customers by talking directly to them. Through these means of expression, you will be able to tell a story, explain certain themes and at the same time show who you are. The format can create the impression of a more intimate level of contact, promoting greater interaction with some of your visitors. In addition, showing your knowledge consistently in a recording will create more authority. People will be looking directly into your eyes on the videos, and they will rely more on you and the products you recommend.


Think of videos as a practical and universal solution in inbound marketing of your app to reach your audience. It is an affordable format for those who produce and watch, as it can be created and assisted in a smartphone. Such simplicity brings incredible results to the digital marketing agency, such as more engagement, closeness to the audience, authority to the brand and leads generated. It should be borne in mind that most people will respond more assertively and with more impact to visual information than to merely textual. Apps with video in general attract more people than plain text/image-based apps. So, it pays to create your own videos with relevant material and demarcate your place on the network. Have you used videos in your app?


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