Nitrogen Ice Cream Is A Better Option- Here’S Why?

Nitrogen Ice Cream
Nitrogen Ice Cream

According to the latest inventions and technologies that have taken place, anything is just not normal, they are exquisite and unique. Even a normal ice cream is not normal nowadays and it is much more than just a dessert. The making of ice cream has become a part of a science experiment. As per the latest techniques used in the entire process of creation of ice cream, the customer chooses a flavour and mix-ins that are either incorporated into ice creams or are used as a crust and thereafter, the liquid nitrogen ice cream in Florida is made.

The ice cream so formed freezes at-321 degrees Fahrenheit. This entire process is a scientific procedure wherein the cold gas meets the warm air; water molecules condense and forms fog. The fog so formed is then shifted to the bowl so that server can see and scoop. Even as a customer you can ask for the desired hardness for your bowl of ice cream, from peanut brittle hard to soft-serve. This entire process just seems lengthy but in the real whole process takes time that is even less than a minute.

Reasons why nitrogen ice cream is a better option

  • It is creamier than basic ice creams: Ice creams are quite delicate in nature and numbers of mix-ins are added to them to hide the fact that the ice creams are kept into the freezers for a month or more. With the passing time, the water crystals keep on forming constantly, and to avoid or minimize ice crystals use flash freezing to make ice cream smoother than the traditional ones.
  • The freshest ice cream available: Every scoop of nitrogen ice cream is frozen on the spot and is unlike other ice cream stores wherein they have to store ice creams for at least one day before serving it to the customers.
  • It is customizable: Because nitrogen ice cream is made on order, you can get your scoop of ice cream customised according to your favourite flavour or dietary restrictions. The nitrogen ice cream is meant for everyone from diabetic, vegan, lactose-intolerant, gluten-free eaters and many other customisations as per your choice and desires. The mix-ins used in the creation of ice cream are all-natural.
  • The science is safe: You might have been thinking ‘is liquid nitrogen really safe? The answer to this question is that the liquid nitrogen is not only tasteless, colourless and odourless but is completely non-toxic. There is just minimal risk involved and there will be no screaming associated with the ice cream so formed unless you are screaming for more. Thus, the ice cream so formed is safe and healthy for people of all age group and with all medical concerns.
  • It is denser: When liquid nitrogen ice cream is made, it is mixed by hand rather using machines, making it a thicker and denser product as a result. Denser ice cream takes longer to melt, so nitrogen ice cream holds up well in high heat.


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