The Ultimate London Packing Checklist 2019!


Traveling to London becomes much more fruitful when you have the right set of items handy. If you have planned to spend your next vacation in London, then you cannot go without proper preparations

You might be wondering that we will let you know about the basic essentials, but no! We know that you will pack your clothes and other accessories, but here are some things you should pack.

Keep a sunscreen handy

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If you are visiting London in the spring and the summery season, then you should always carry a sunscreen handy. The weather can be extremely hot and the UV rays can attack on your skin.

Apply your sunscreen multiple times a day is you are on a city tour by walking.

A small first aid kit

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Travelling to anywhere requires you to keep a first aid kit handy. Uncertainties can happen to anyone and at any time of the day. You should be prepared for it at an early stage. If you are travelling with kids, then keeping a first aid kit is must.

The emergency services of London are extremely fast but it is better to keep something with you that can assist you in the hard times.

A raincoat

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A raincoat is the most common thing but people don’t feel like carrying it. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes and you should carry a raincoat to fortify your expensive essentials from the pearly droplets.


Also pack luggage that is light in weight and needs no laundry. Laundry service here is exorbitant and you can save yourself from additional charges by keeping a deodorant and some clothes that look as it is even after multiple wears.

In case you are looking to get sexual services from masseuses and escorts, then you should also carry a protection with you. This will aid you in not catching any sort of infection or disease and you can enjoy a worry-free sex.

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