7 Reasons to Buy Colourful Shoelaces


Many people aren’t aware of it, but shoelaces are really interesting additions to your shoes. They make them more eye-catching and enhance the shoes’ whole look.

While in the past laces were used primarily for holding the foot tight inside the shoe, nowadays they become so much more than that; they are fashionable additions to your outfit. And with the new innovative styles and types that come out all the time, their popularity is only growing. This is especially the case with colourful shoelaces. From the moment they appeared on the market, they caught the attention of buyers; predominantly of the youngsters.

Yes, there are so many reasons why these are the real deal for you. So, let’s explore them here!

Look Cool

Wearing colours is always interesting to people. They give a special touch to every clothing piece you wear, revealing more about your personality than you may think. If this is the case, then why should shoelaces be an exception?

In fact, colourful shoelaces complement the appearance of your shoes. Not only do they make them less boring, but they show off your cool and unique side, as well.

Moreover, bright colours like yellow, red, green, and blue are in style now since they are the most pronounced when you enter a room. Even your formal shoes, which are reserved for more serious occasions will appear way cooler with laces in different colours.

Make Lacing Easier

When you use colourful shoelaces, the whole lacing process becomes easier. This is especially true for bi-coloured laces. Since both ends are different, it’s quicker to remember what comes first and how to connect them.

Actually, children find these laces very convenient firstly because they look interesting and then because they make it simpler for them to tie a knot.

Come in Various Styles and Types

The good thing about colourful shoelaces is that they are original and come in various types and styles. Currently, some of the most popular ones on the market are:

  • Shoelaces in solid colours
  • Shoelaces with stripes – These have their base in one colour and the stripes in another that match it.
  • Shoelaces that are braided in different colours
  • Shoelaces with dots on them

As for the types, you can come across colourful shoelaces in basically all usual shapes like flat laces, round, and oval, to begin with.

They Are Affordable

It may not seem like it, but owning colourful shoelaces is very affordable. Yes, they can be bought at very low prices and then utilized multiple times on the same pair or different pairs of shoes.

Not to mention that the more laces in multiple colours you get, the more unique combinations you’ll have. This saves you time and money as you aren’t required to buy new shoes that often. Moreover, depending on the occasion, you can switch the laces up with more appropriate ones and put the old ones on another pair of shoes.

Many Colours to Choose From

Are you tired of only having black, white or brown shoelaces on all the time? Luckily, today the palette of colours to choose from when buying your shoelaces is wide and rich in many different colours and hues. All you need is to let your imagination flow.

Starting from light colours to dark ones like brown shoelaces, black shoelaces, dark grey or even dark brown shoelaces, you can find them all in the online stores. Just have in mind that the colourful shoelaces you pick should at least match a piece of clothing you own.

Can be Worn with Different Clothes

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you want to enhance your appearance but have no idea how. Colourful shoelaces come to the rescue here. No matter which clothes you wear, they can be matched with them, helping you look exactly as you’ve imagined.

For instance, brown shoelaces can be called neutral as they go with almost all types and colours of clothes. And of course, they aren’t the only ones. Eventually, it all comes down to your preferences and taste.

Create Contrast

Connected to this, contrast is everything when it comes to pronouncing the colour both of your shoes and shoelaces. By contrasting the laces with the shoes, you’ll present your lacing system more clearly. In fact, lacing methods like double lacing, checkerboard lacing, and straight bar lacing are perfect for achieving this effect.

Aside from this, contrast turns materials like leather into something you’ll love wearing. To give you an idea, laces in bright colours can be put on dark leather shoes and vice versa.

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