How to Keep Your eCommerce Website Safe and Secure


With so many people now starting their own ecommerce websites, there is a stark increase in the amount of digital fraud through these businesses. Ecommerce solutions in Australia all attempt to minimise the impact of fraud but it’s critical that you follow some simple steps regardless of your plan to ensure that this impacts neither you nor your customers.

Keep reading to find just a few points to keep in mind.

Secure Platform

Not all ecommerce platforms are created equal; don’t fall into the trap of the cheap and easy website offered by many developers. Sites are built on CMS platforms designed to make it easy to manage assets and simplify your online activity.

Brands such as OpenCart, WooCommerce and Shopify are some of the most popular solutions online that are also some of the most secure. While easy have their own strengths and weaknesses, these three are the most popular due to their security of user information as well as your organisations’.

No Data Storage

One of the most prevalent issues of ecommerce websites is the use of personal data from customers. Unlike a brick and mortar solution, where customers either pay with cash or credit cards that communicate directly with the banks, online stores take data from the customers directly, and there are no guidelines on how the data is used afterwards.

Regardless of there being guidelines or no, it’s best practice to ensure that you routinely delete any customer data that you’ve captured through sales or otherwise. There’s nothing you can do with ecommerce data once they’ve made the purchase, so why keep it? If you don’t remove the data, you are likely to be in big trouble if there is ever a security breach.

Strong Passwords

Most ecommerce websites require users to set up profiles to make purchases, saving their data (not payment details) and purchase history. As a user experience measure, collecting this data streamlines future purchases, but can often cause security issues.

Because of this, ensuring that customer profiles are protected with encryption, along with forcing users to set up secure passwords, is critical. The more people you involve in your online processes, the more opportunities there are for nefarious individuals to breach data and take advantage. So, secure profiles and keep your customers happy.

Keep Everything Updated

Most importantly, an out of date website is an unsecure website. Set up monthly programs aimed at updating plugins, CMS versions and more to ensure that there are no potential back-end entrance points for hackers.

If you don’t do that on a regular basis, you can end up with a significantly dated website that can be much harder to update down the line. Look to update regularly to ensure no long-term issues.

Find the Right Ecommerce Solutions for Your Business

The best digital agencies can offer the most effective ecommerce solutions in Australia through experience, skill and innovative. Talk to these businesses to find out more and watch your ecommerce website soar!


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