Who Needs Vacuum Cup Assisted Vaginal Delivery?

Vacuum cup baby delivery or vacuum extraction is also known as ventouse. It is such a method that eases delivery of a baby using a vacuum device. It is an alternative method to a forceps delivery and C-section. In general, it is applied at the second stage of labor if the delivery process has not progressed sufficiently. This type of assistance during delivery of your baby through birth canal may be needed when the baby cannot find the way to descend through your cervix despite your repeated push and contract effort. The situation may necessitate the application of this method when your baby’s heartbeat indicates a problem and the delivery has to be made immediately.

Prerequisites of vacuum cup assisted a vaginal delivery

Several criteria are there have to check before performing a vacuum extraction. Your doctor should check and confirm the following before considering suction cup baby delivery:Vacuum Cup

  • Whether or not your cervix is completely dilated — Your doctor should be confirmed that your cervix is completely dilated because if it is not so, chance is there that your cervix may tear during the suction process and a damaged cervix requires surgical repair which may also create problems in a future pregnancy.
  • Whether or not your baby’s exact head position is known — Your doctor should be meticulous to detect the exact head position of your baby. The vacuum cup in no way should be placed on your baby’s face or brow. The ideal position to place the vacuum cup is the midline on the top of your baby’s head. Suction cup delivery is less likely to succeed if your baby is face up while you are lying on your back.
  • Whether or not your baby’s head is occupied in the birth canal — The exact position of your baby’s head is measured with respect to the narrowest point of the birth canal which is termed as the ischial spines. And ischial spines are the part of your pelvic bone which can be felt during a vaginal examination. If doctor during examination find that the head of your baby is evenly aligned with these spines, it can be said that your baby’s head is at ‘zero station’. That means your baby’s head has descended well into the pelvis. However, it can be said that if your baby’s head is even with ischial spines and it has descended at least 1-2 centimeters below the spines, the vacuum extraction can be exercised and chances of success increase.
  • Whether or not the membranes are raptured — Before applying the vacuum cup on your baby’s head, the doctor should check and must ensure that the amniotic membranes are quite raptured.

Whether or not your doctor has considered that your baby will be fit through the birth canal —Your doctor should once again consider whether your baby will be fit in delivery through the birth canal. Because sometimes it is seen that either the baby is too big or the birth canal is too small for the successful delivery process and vacuum extraction, in that case, may lead to serious complications.

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