How to Get Your Property Offer Accepted


Most first time property buyers find themselves equipped with additional weapons in their battle to buying a home in London’s highly competitive market. These days, the newest advice also suggests that people need to “woo sellers,” especially if they wish to win in a fight against the house prices that are currently sprinting way out of reach (risen to about £16,000 last few years).

Experienced estate agents such as those at Fish Need Water, advice buyers they should adopt a strategy that could win the hearts, pockets of sellers and minds of sellers. The fact remains that if first time buyers wish to succeed in their quest to buy a home, they must woo the seller. Now, what does it actually mean to “woo sellers”? Here are some handy guidelines to help you.

You Need to Be Proactive

Busy sellers do not actually want people who would waste their time. If the look of the property on any website looks great to you, you should pick up the phone and contact the estate agent for the house sale in East Dulwich that attracts you and you should be the very first one to get a viewing.

The important thing here is to not delay this process. You have to be proactive, which is one of the most suitable ways you could tell your seller that you are a serious contender who wants to buy their home.

Contact the Seller Directly

Usually, most property purchases involve the need to contact estate agents, whether they are traditional high street or emerging ones online. Once these negotiations begin, a buyer has to decide on whether they should drop a note through the door of a property they wish to buy. When you speak to the seller directly, as a first-time buyer you may be able to learn a lot more about the property and the seller well in terms of the offer.

It is also important to interact with the current owner, so it is a wise idea to know the people in the area, the home itself and the neighbours. Yes, the selling or buying process of a home can be an emotional time and this emotion could, unfortunately, cut out the best deals. The reason behind this is that the members are encouraged to conduct all the viewings by themselves, talk to the potential buyers and discuss all the offers directly with the buyer.

Keep the Paper Work in Place

As a first time buyer with enough finances in place (ensure your mortgage agreed in principle), you stand a better chance to move quicker than a second stepper who wishes to sell their property. Your seller would also want to move fast as these factors may be quite valuable to them rather than a few extra pounds.

You Should Reassure the Seller

You should reassure the seller that you will take care of the property as they would invest massive amounts of time into their property well over the years. If this is the case, they are usually likely to warm to the buyers who would give them personal assurance that they would safeguard the investment.

Capitalize Your Personal Circumstances

You may be seeing many first time buyers in the same situation as you when trying to get up on the property ladder. However, now is the time you need to look at things in a different way and let the seller know the property could be the solution to all your property woes.

As an example, it could be that you wish to expand your family or need a family home to do this or need a property nearer to your job. Regardless of your reasons, you have to share the details with the seller. This way, it will help them to achieve a good glow to work to your advantage.

Ensure that the agent, as well as the seller, understands exactly why you want to move and why this home is the one you wish to buy.

Be Flexible

You also have to be ready to lodge the seller. Do they have somewhere they can go? Do they need some time to decide or find something else? Do they prefer the certainty to exchange contracts with buyers or the time to go and find the next property?  During the selling stage, you have to be sure that the sellers are willing to be flexible. Take your time to discuss all the options with them and the best deal they plan to offer.

Getting your property offer accepted is all about ensuring that you set the right price for your house. You need to keep the interior and exterior in the best condition to attract buyers and work with estate agents who could be there to guide you through the entire process.


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