The Right Time to Appear For GRE


It is quite natural to get confused about the right time to attempt GRE. This confusion arises in a student who is willing to pursue their master or PhD after completing their bachelor’s degree. Well, as a matter of fact GRE can be given at any point of time and it mainly depends on the availability of the slots in a particular examination center all through the year. There is no particular answer to the question when is the right time to give GRE but certainly there are some tips which can help you to make your decision.

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE will need your constant effort if want a good score. Also you need to be aware of the time boundaries. The right time for you to give GRE will depend on how much prepared you are, the time when you are planning to pursue your masters, application deadlines etc.

  1. Preparation

Being a student, you need to boost your level of preparation.  You should be prepared well enough to be able to answer all the quantitative and the verbal section or the GRE vocabularyand for this you need to prepare from the diverse range of questions.

You can take help from the sample test papers and also the practice question papers that are available online. This way you will be able to evaluate yourself better. Do not attempt to give the GRE when you are not confident about your preparation or you are half prepared. But do remember the submission deadlines given by the colleges so you have to prepare yourself in such a way so that you can sit for this exam before the college deadlines.

GRE uses difficult words which may be tough to understand. So, here you need to practice reading well. It will improve your confidence and this way you will be able to attempt this exam better than those who ignore this factor. You need to improve your GRE vocabulary taking the help of online classes or coaching centers.

  1. Planning to do your masters

Most of you would want to attempt to give GRE during the final year of your undergraduate program. Your GRE scores will be valid for almost five years. So, if you get a good score, you can even make it a point to gather some work experience before you go on to apply to your preferred colleges.

Students coming different backgrounds are most likely to have different ambitions in their life. Some of you may prefer to apply for masters immediately after completing Graduation or after gathering work experience. Neither of them is a bad choice.

  1. Application deadlines

You will find the application deadlines of the colleges given in their own website. Make sure to do some research about the college requirements and the application deadline in advance as it will benefit you.

When should you take GRE will completely depend on you and you don’t have to necessarily be in a college while taking the GRE.

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