The Do’s of Attending the World Famous Oktoberfest


Undeniably, Oktoberfest has skyrocketed from its humble beginning as a world famous Bavarian wedding celebration to an international, most awaited celebration. The official celebration takes place in Munich, Germany, hosting over 7 million visitors from all corners of the globe over this two-week long beer festival.

When attending this festival, you will get to see, eat, drink, and do so much, but navigating through the language, the crowds, and the customs of the foreign country could turn out to be a bit tricky. Yes, for first timers this may be overwhelming, but you should keep in mind that if you blend in well like the locals wearing the traditional lederhosen or dirndl costume, you would be at a safe spot!

With visitors rushing into Germany every year, as you read on below, this article should share some things you need to know about how you can make the most out of your experience. Here are the top dos and don’ts that you need to survive Oktoberfest and have a great time in Munich.

The Do’s: Be Sure to Do These!

Dress Well

When attending Oktoberfest, you will come across several Lederhosen For Sale in stores, and many people wearing these costumes. From natives of Munich to tourists, Oktoberfest is the best time of the year to show off your Bavarian costume.

If you have no idea of how this costume looks, you can simply explore the origins of this costume and browse through shops or look well around you. During Oktoberfest, dressing up is a major part of the fun and you may end up feeling left out if you choose to wear normal street clothes for the festival.

Drink Beer

This two weeks long festival is all about drinking the best quality beer. Of course, this means that your game plan has to revolve around drinking lots of beer. However, you can also indulge in other activities, such as taking a tour of the city, visiting German palaces, castles, and eating great food. You should make sure that your group or family has a great time!

Buy Souvenirs

Drinking German beer is a part of the Bavarian culture, for this, what better option than to invest in protective glassware. You can find several customized options and drink in style when you stand in the beer tents. In addition, other souvenirs you can invest in include hats, shoes, bags, stylish pocketknives, and a lot more other options.

Avoid Smoking

Even though Germany is a lot sloppier when it comes to where it is permissible to drink compared to other countries, smoking cigarettes is not something permissible inside beer tents. For each beer tent, however, you will find designated smoking areas permitted inside the beer tents. In such areas, you can smoke while you even walk around.

Dance on Benches Not Tables

German songs can be quite catchy, the best ways to show your interest or enthusiasm is to hop onto the benches, and you can dance along. Ensure that your footwear is the right one for this, else falling off can be painful and embarrassing at the same time. In addition, you may end up spilling more beer down on your way!

Although dancing and drinking on benches is fine and something to encourage when you attend Oktoberfest, you should not think about hopping on the tabletops.

Oktoberfest is more about having a great, quality time with your family and loved ones. When attending this festival, keep these do’s in mind and yes, you can have a memorable time during the festival.


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