Cleantech Marketing: Know the 4 Ps

Cleantech Marketing: Know the 4 Ps

Marketing term refers to market research, to sell and promote items through advertising, with a desire to increase the volume of sales and revenue. Through this method, companies are able to develop strong contacts with clients and customers. It can also be termed as a process to attain the target, which depends upon knowing specific needs.

Cleantech marketing in details

Primary and Secondary Study are the two parts in which Cleantech marketing has been divided into. Primary research or Primary Study is stated to be a process involving collecting of desired needs. Preparation, gathering and interpreting data to information is quite expensive.

Secondary Study initially is conducted for a specific purpose. However, it is used for supporting another function and for a particular reason, for the purpose of which it has been planned. There is present some of the best Cleantech business in United-Kingdom.

The 4 Ps

Cleantech marketing approach is called Solution, Value, Access, and Information. 4 Ps are formulated in this particular approach, namely, Promotion, Placement, Price and Product. Cleantech marketing tends to involve supporting marketing activities, conducting research to statistical data interpretation to valuable information. Different marketing methods do exist, which can be promotion and advertisement of items, etc.

Two methods are present like business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). B2B volume is much more when compared to B2C. The former also is used in the context of collaboration and communication, describing commerce transactions taking place between businesses, like wholesaler and manufacturer or between retailer and wholesaler. B2C describes business activities and serves end consumers. B2C involves six steps, which are awareness, liking, knowledge, conviction, pricing structure, and preference.

Different methods are exhibited by funded Cleantech companies in United-Kingdom. It is physical marketing, digital marketing, and sales promotion through banners, etc. There are different techniques used in digital marketing like radio marketing, internet marketing, and other methods. Net marketing can be termed to be a process which includes internet and the WWW (World Wide Web) to promote business. Again internet marketing is different methods such as email marketing, etc. Radio marketing is of a type that helps to promote the business.

The other promotional techniques used to promote business are physical marketing. In this type, different methods are used for the promotional purpose to increase sales volume for business done in a coffee shop, streets, etc. Sales promotion is another effective method used by cleantech marketing. The ultimate objective of sales promotional method is to ensure proper stimulation of potential customers to take prompt action.

Public Relations are also known as Cleantech PR. It is used for developing a rapport with investors, customers, voters, the general public or employees. Public relations do use different methods to promote like consumer/lifestyle public relations, government and Industry PR as well as financial public relations.

Here, financial PR is stated to provide useful information pertaining to business. Lifestyle or consumer PR is to increase promotion for that specific service or product. Industry PR provides useful information to the different trading bodies.

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