A Comprehensive Buying Guide In Terms Of Inverters

Any back up power options is referred to as power inverter in India. If you buy inverter online India you will be spoilt for options. The choice of the right type of inverter along with battery is critical aspects in the choice of the correct backup solution. To buy home inverter online, just try to ask a few basic questions rather than undertaking an in depth research at your end.

Power grid works out to be default with electrical connection easily available at your home. Power emerging from the power grid would go on to recharge the battery. Once a power cut occurs the DC has to be converted to AC current and this is where an inverter comes into play. In totality the total power solution is termed as inverter in India. Before undertaking inverter purchase online there are some points you need to keep in mind.

Be specific about the power requirements of your home

The main point of consideration is what would be the amount of power you would require. The key is to understand on how many appliances you are looking to support. This is measured in watts and you need to choose an inverter that matches with the watt requirements of your home.

The capacity calculator of your inverter

The capacity of an inverter is directly proportional to the total amount of load you are looking to support. A formula for this would be the load you are looking to support, and this is divided by the power factor. To balance the power factor one is dividing energy efficiency.

The capacity of an inverter is measured in VA. If you come across all inverters you will come across the term VA.

Battery VA in line with inverter VA

As stressed the inverter capacity is being measured with VA and the capacity of a battery is measured with WA. Now the thought might strike you is why there are a couple of capacities. What would be the utility of each capacity?

There has to be a proper match between the capacity of the inverter and the battery. If the capacity of the battery is large, and you opt for a low capacity inverter then you can also support a few extra electrical devices.

Difference between a UPS and an inverter

If you analyse carefully from the functional point of view there is not much of a difference. But still there exists a difference which is the time delay. With UPS you use it as a general back up that is interlinked to your system. For example when in offices you are working on a computer and suddenly the power goes on , with a USB it provides you with extra time to save those all-important files. With inverter it is not suitable for any form of computer backup as there is considerable delay in the time of switching. There are significant chances of damage to the mother board along with hard disk.

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